Detection of PBN Sites. Guide to Securing your Network

  • 26 ноября 2020

PBN (Private Blog Network) is a set of sites that have been restored or created on domains lost by their original users.

How to start working on PBN?

To build your first private blog network, start by choosing a business model that will be financially viable for your project:

  1. You do a lot of time-consuming work on building a grid, dealing with the purchase of domains, content recovery, software and server maintenance.
  2. You order a PBN from companies that provide them ready-made in order to see the result of this promotion model. You give them your niche, your website, and they build a project for you. On average, the cost of a PBN site starts at $100. It all depends on your niche, required volume and site metrics.
  3. You order rental links from other people's PBN sites from companies that have built private blog networks in your niche.

Why building a PBN might not work?

Because it was built incorrectly. Many specialists make the same mistakes. It is called a footprint.

A footprint is a list of similar works or actions on different sites that can be identified by the search engine as being done by the same person or group of people.

PBN network detection

“Let's be honest. If Google detects your network, it will deindex the links.”

Therefore, you need to approach the issue of creating a network carefully and scrupulously.

Here are the reasons why your PBN may be deindexed:

  1. You openly made offers to sell links, and the assessors caught you selling links.
  2. Your content is poor in quality
  3. You host two or more domains on the same IP address
  4. The same owner (Whois) is specified for multiple domains
  5. Your hosting = SEO hosting (many have a marked IP address range)
  6. You have blocked crawlers in robots.txt, while it was supposed to be done at the Web server level
  7. You used a domain that was under penalties
  8. Your link building is not diluted with links to useful authoritative sites
  9. You messed up the link anchor texts or spammed them.

Any form of deliberate link building is not approved and goes against Google's guidelines.

If you are still determined to build your PBN, then be prepared to do a lot of work, and you will get a well-deserved result. The network you built will work.

Create your own private blog network

Here are some tips that you can follow to build your network and make it less noticeable to search engines.

  1. More registrars. Domains must be purchased from different registrars.

Be sure to enable Whois protection on your domains. We do not suggest having fake data in Whois records. Also, make sure that you use the DNS of a separate registrar, not the same name server for all purchased domains.

  1. Different hosting. Each website must be located on a different subnet IP address.

The IP address must be unique for each site. Many web hosting services receive only a small range of IP addresses that they can provide to their client. In this case, only one or two domains can be hosted with this hosting service.

  1. More content.

Write different content for your websites: you need to post unique content for each of the websites. Invest in its quality. Don't skimp on it.

  1. One PBN domain should only link to the main site once.

Don't take any chances. All non-contextual links will be devalued. Use links that are embedded in the text.

  1. Each page should have a maximum of 5 outbound links. Some pages should not contain links at all.

This is necessary to ensure that the link profile is natural. All outgoing links from a single page should link to reputable sites that are in your niche. Links to other useful sites in your niche are very important.

  1. Any of your PBN sites should link to your main site only after the content is created and indexed on it.

Don't just link to Wikipedia, YouTube and other major sites, create some niche links.

  1. Use different anchor texts when you link to your main website.

Do not use the same anchor profile for all projects. Important: if your site is located on the main domain, apply a few bare URL anchor texts.

  1. Every PBN site needs to have typical site pages (about company, contacts, news)

This will not attract unwanted attention during manual checks.

  1. Site history. It can be accessed on Your PBN site should be in the same niche as the one in the history. If you don't stay in the same niche, the backlinks will lose their value.
  1. Don't sell these links to anyone

It is not necessary to publicly open the network you created and inform that you sell links from such and such sites.

PBN, just like money, loves silence)

Tools for acquiring a PBN domain

Let’s say, we need to get the domains that have preserved their link equity. And the former owners of the site are ready to part with them voluntarily.

Our task is to intercept these domains. The cheapest type of domains are those that have expired and are now also available for purchase, as well as regular new domains.

The advantage is the ability to buy it and immediately start using it. Domain auctions and markets will be significantly more expensive, but domains there have much more attractive indicators, so choose what suits you best.

Places where expiring or expired domains can be purchased:

  2. - Good choice
  4. - Services for buying and selling domains
  5. - free domain search.

This will be enough to choose a good domain for your purposes. What’s next?

Develop a purchase strategy:

  1. Make a list of domains that will be within your budget.
  2. Use a mass URL analyzer to find the strongest domains.
  3. Use Link Detox
  4. Use the LORT Link Check Tool to check the validity of domains.

Go for it!

Now you are the lucky owner of a domain name. What’s next?

Develop a strategy for working with content:

  1. Apply all the content you can find from the old site
  2. Find pages and restore links to them
  3. Edit the content to improve traffic and rankings.

Congratulations! You now have your first PBN site, use it to promote your money site :)

Courses on private blog networks

You have a certain amount of information with which you can start building your network. But you should understand that building PBN is a big and time-consuming process. If you have a great desire to study this topic, we offer a number of courses on building private blog networks.

Here is a number of courses that you need to study if you want to become an expert in this field:

- A great guide by Daryl Russer

- Detailed overview by DOMCOP

- Private Networking course by Craig Campbell