Private blog network. Guide to building a PBN network of sites.

  • 26 ноября 2020

What are Private Blog Networks (PBN)?

Private blog network is a network of sites managed by a single owner or a group of people. PBNs are often used to publish niche links on groups of sites featuring similar content. PBN is a term used to describe a branch of SEO, also known as closed network of sites.

The basic approach to creating a network looks like this:

  1. Searching for and purchasing an expired or soon-to-expire domain, that already has organic power and weight from other third-party domains referring to it;
  2. Purchasing an expired or soon-to-expire domain, that already has organic power and weight from other third-party domains referring to it
  3. Restoring an existing site or making a new one on that domain with the restoration of the content and URL.
  4. Creating pages with relevant content and adding links to your main site.

Guide to building a PBN network of sites.

Niche PBN links

Niche PBN backlinks are backlinks placed on a group of sites managed by a single company or person to improve the ranking of the client's site. A link placed on a site with similar content provides the following benefits:

  1. Targeted traffic for the client
  2. Domain Authority. Improving the ranking of the page for the required keyword.
  3. Good behavioral factors. A user who has referred from one niche site to another will be more interested in receiving this information and will spend more time on the site.

Dips in rating caused by PBN links

Many webmasters often wonder whether PBN links can cause a drop in the rating. A drop in the rating from PBN links can happen due to leaving PBN footprints.

Simply put, if you use links too openly and do not follow the principles of placement, Google can punish your PBN. Therefore, it is necessary to follow a number of rules when building your blog network and its links:

  1. Do not use the Internet from the same IP, browser and device when visiting different sites of your PBN.
  2. Hide the owner's whois when registering domains for different sites.
  3. Do not use the same plugins or other out-of-the-box solutions when restoring sites.
  4. Do not use search engine accounts and the same personal information.

Unlimited number of PBN links

The use of links from the private blog network implies their use in close connection with guest posts and organic links. You must follow several rules and proportion guidelines to avoid getting sanctioned by search engines for using an unlimited number of links.

  1. Add a link to the content only after its indexation by the search engine
  2. As a rule, one network should carefully link to 2 or 3 sites. 35% overlap can already become a problem and create a footprint.
  3. 10 sites linking to 1 site is acceptable. 10 sites linking to 2 sites is 100% a footprint.
  4. Links from the second site should only lead to 3 sites from the same list.
  5. Use this method for 15-20% of your strongest links without mentioning locations and social profiles.

How to automate PBN for anything

In this section, let's look at the tools that are used to automate the PBN.

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List of tools:


With a few tweaks, this tool will improve security and systematize your team's work.

  1. MainWP Control Panel

This plugin will give you the ability to manage the network using a separate plugin.

  1. MainWP Child Plugin

This plugin will allow you to connect a network manager/dashboard to the blog for easy management

  1. MainWP Code-Snippet Extension

Make a new snippet with the information listed below to prevent other people from using the blog’s theme editor. If you get hacked, they won't be able to embed hidden code.

Snippet Name: Disable Admin File Edits

Snippet Description: Remove theme and plugin editing capabilities.

Select “This Code Snippet executes a function on the Child Site”

Enter the following inyo the blue area of the code editor:

<? php

define ('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);

? >

  1. MainWP Favorites Extension

This will allow you to upload the plugins and themes you use to your main tracking panel, make favorite groups, and install them.

  1. MainWP Maintenance Extension

Apply maintenance parameters to keep your database clean without using server resources (save money on hosting).

  1. Custom 1-Click Network Login Script

This will make the team's work easier if you have multiple networks for different clients and niches

How to exclude the possibility of footprints.

Switch the Hide Network on Child Sites plugin to YES mode. After that, anyone who enters the MainWP plugins section will get a 404 error message.

Online tutorial on building private blogs

If you need more information, here are several online tutorials on managing and building PBN in different formats.

  1. Presentation
  2. Video tutorial on building a PBN
  3. Download the one-click WP login script
  4. Download PBN management spreadsheets

Good luck building private blog networks!